Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ringplay Auditions!



The Melancholy of Suzanna Turnquest
by Travis Cartwright-Carroll

Death on the Street
by Stephen Hanna

Monday February 1 2016
7 PM
The Black Box at the Dundas


The Melancholy of Suzanna Turnquest

Female, late teens
Male, late teens
Female, mid-late 30s
Male, 50s
Female, 50s


Death on the Street

3 males, late 20s
1 female, 20s
1 female, 30ish
2 males, 35-40 


Persons interested in auditioning should come with a piece prepared.

A cold reading may also be required.

Some casting decisions may be made at the completion of the audition while others may require a callback audition. If you are chosen for a part please note that we will contact you.

Performance dates: March 17-20 2016

Rehearsals begin week of Feb 9 2016