Sunday, November 8, 2015

Carlito's World Religion Presentation - Hinduism

Carlito Catalano(L) and classmate Justin Storr(R).

Our son Carlito is in his final year at the College of The Bahamas(COB). Last week his class, Religion 400, had a presentation day on world religions. The students were broken into different groups, each choosing a particular religion to present on. Carlito's group chose Hinduism.

Carlito always had a love for India, it's people, culture and religion. He was always intrigued by world religion but found Hinduism particularly fascinating.

Me and his mother Tracy, being the type of free thinking parents that we are, allowed him to explore.

Incredibly he has taught himself the art of Hindu Odissi dancing by watching YouTube videos for about the last 5 years. This he always did in his room behind closed doors never allowing anyone to see until recently this year.

We were amazed and proud.

Well done son. Keep up the good work from all of us.

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