Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sculling races bring excitement to Long Island Regatta

LONG ISLAND, Bahamas – Over the Labour Day weekend, visitors and residents of Long Island learned the true meaning of excitement when the Bahamian Brewery sculling races were held at the 48th Long Island Regatta.

Over the past few years the Bahamian Brewery and Beverage company has been traveling throughout The Bahamas revitalising the sport of sculling at local regattas. It has long been the passion of the brewery owner, Jimmy Sands to keep this Bahamian tradition alive. All of their work is now coming to fruition as Long Islanders and visitors alike were talking about the sculling race all week. From Seymour’s in the North to Gordons in the South, sculling enthusiasts were arguing about who they thought would be the winner of the Sands ‘Man in the Boat’ sculling races.