Sunday, June 21, 2015

Career Expo & Trade Fair

READY FOR THE WORKFORCE – BTVI graduand Anthyia Rolle asks questions of the panel during the institution’s career expo and trade fair which was well attended.

Students exposed to public service career opportunities

Insight into the myriad of career opportunities in the public service proved beneficial for students attending The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute’s (BTVI) recent career expo and trade fair.

The requirements, vetting process and benefits of joining the public service including military branches, were shared with BTVI students, with particular emphasis on the Class of 2015.  Represented were members of the Royal Bahamas Police and Defence Forces, Her Majesty’s Prison, The Bahamas Agriculture and Industrial Corporation (BAIC), Ministry of the Public Service and The Bahamas Development Bank.  Three entrepreneurs also participated.

With graduation around the corner and BTVI’s students joining the throng of high school and college leavers, the Student Affairs department felt it necessary to expose them to additional areas in which they can utilize their skills.

Police Training Officer, Vanessa Arthur, said the police force is particularly interested in BTVI graduates.

“We like BTVI graduates.  They come to us already skilled.  It is highly likely they can go into almost any of our areas,” said Ms. Arthur.

However, she quickly cautioned students that the police force is not interested in those who simply want to collect a salary.

“If you are looking for a job, we’re not interested. A job is for someone who wants to show up and do the minimum.  We at the Royal Bahamas Police Force, we are interested in people who want a career and are interested in lifelong learning,” stressed Ms. Arthur.

Representing the Royal Bahamas Defence Force was Assistant Training Officer, Senior Lieutenant Origin Deleveaux, who noted that there is a multiplicity of career paths available on the force.

“From Information Technology technicians and Electrical Engineers to cooks, your career will unfold.  It’s a hard career, but it is an exciting career,” said the 19-year veteran.

“We have helped to clear roads and literally build houses when hurricanes hit our islands, so if you don’t come with a skill, you will learn a skill.  If you want a career that will constantly challenge you, we can facilitate it for you and help ensure you have a successful care,” said Lieutenant Deleveaux.

Meanwhile, students were excited about the fair and availed themselves of the opportunity to meet with representatives of the organizations.  Office Administration major, Anthyia Rolle expressed optimism, convinced that BTVI has equipped her for the workforce.

“I feel the government wants to hire people for what they know and BTVI has qualified me. I wish though that the expo could be held twice or three times a year, so we could know what our options are and what we can expect,” said Anthyia.

Electrical Installation graduand, Garnet Gardiner gave high marks to BTVI for staging the event.  “I commend BTVI. It shows they are interested in students beyond A, B or C; they are interested in the overall success of their students.  I think government is good for young people starting out and BTVI is pointing them in the right direction,” said the young man.

OPPORTUNITIES ABOUND - Royal Bahamas Defence Force Assistant Training Officer, Senior Lieutenant Origin Deleveaux, addressed BTVI students during its career expo and trade fair.  He noted that there are multiple career paths available on the force including welding and civil engineering.  Shown to his left are Royal Bahamas Police Training Officer, Vanessa Arthur and Ministry of the Public Service, Office Manager, Debra Foulkes.  Also on that panel was Her Majesty’s Prison Correctional Officer, Antonio Cooper.

By Hadassah Hall
Public Relations Officer
The Bahamas Technical & Vocational Institute (BTVI)
Nassau, Bahamas
Twitter: BTVI242
Ph: (242) 502-6300

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