Friday, June 26, 2015


FORT LAUDERDALE, FL  -June 23, 2015– The Bahamas Consul General, posted in Washington, D.C. Mrs. Paulette Zonicle, recently visited with the staff of The Bahamas Tourist Office, South Florida.  During the brief visit,  the Consul General shared with the Tourism team on the role of The Bahamas Consulate Office in D.C.

She said that her office, the first ever Bahamas Consulate General in that area, was established totally separate from the Embassy of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas - each with individual tasks and services though both representing The Islands Of The Bahamas.   The CG also shared that in her role, she has been working closely with The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, and added that she is looking forward to the opening of a Bahamas Tourist Office in Washington, D.C.

In the photo above, the CG is pictured seated center front and shown with her is a portion of the staff of The Bahamas Tourist Office, Florida.  Currently The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism has two other offices opened stateside – an Atlanta office and an office in New York. In addition to the Embassy Washington and now the Consulate General D.C., The Bahamas has U.S. based Consulate Offices in New York, Atlanta, GA and Miami, Florida.

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