Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Auditions: The Landlord

SiP 2015 Auditions


The Landlord


by Sam Boodle

Shakespeare in Paradise will hold an audition for The Landlord, its Signature Bahamian production for the 2015 festival, on Monday, June 15th at 6:30pm at the Dundas Theatre Main Stage.

If you're interested in auditioning for a role in this play, you will need to perform a piece, of your own choosing, of no more than 2 minutes in length. You may also be given a cold reading from the play.

Some casting decisions may be made at the completion of the audition while others may require a callback audition. If you are chosen for a part please note that we will contact you.

The following is a list of character descriptions:

Willie Paul’ - A Haitian national. He has been in the Bahamas for quite a number of years. Willie is a mechanic by profession; however, he earns a living by selling numbers. He speaks English fairly well. Willie is about 30 years old. He dresses well.
Olga Newbold’ - An attractive young woman, in her late twenties. She works as a waitress in a bar over the hill. She keeps to herself, does not have any visitors. She seldom pays her rent and when she does, does not pay the arrears. Little is known about her background. She does not appear to have any relatives or friends.

Benjamin Walks’ - He is referred to a Mr. Ben by all. He is a retired Government worker. Mr. Ben has never been married. He is about sixty-years-old. His income is derived from a small Government pension and a National Insurance check, which he gets monthly. He suffers from hypertension. Much of his day is spent playing checkers, when he can, with Willie. He pays his rent every week. Mr. Ben is from Exuma. Has two brothers living in Exuma, no children and no sisters.

Rufus Clarke’ - He is the Landlord of the property. He lives in South Beach. Sunday is his day for collecting rent. He is a somewhat easy man and catches hell from his tenants. Mr. Clarke has a family, a wife and three children. He is in his late fifties. In his younger days, he worked in the U.S.A, on the contract.

Mable Newton’ - In her late forties. She does not pay her rent. The landlord has a continuous fight with her every week. She has one daughter 
who works as a sales clerk in a dry goods store. Miss Mable, as she is called, does domestic work at one of the major hotels. She does not get along with her neighbours.

Carla Darling’ - Does not live in the yard. She is in her late thirties. We know very little about her, except that she is married and her husband is fooling around with Sarah Roberts, Miss Mable's daughter.

Sarah Roberts’ - She is in her very early twenties, very attractive and well built. She works as a sales lady in one of the House of Sales’ outlets. She and her mother get along well. In spite of her carrying-ons, she never brings any of her friends home or in the yard. Willie likes her.

Jakes’ - Jakes is a fiercely stubborn and independent man. He is the only one, other than the landlord, who has built his “ . . . own li’l shack on ma own piece a groun' " Stubbornness keeps him going in his ongoing and losing battle with Mabel and the bottle. Beneath the bluster and “bottle scars", is pride in achievement and acknowledgement of failure.

Ellis’ - He is in his late twenties to early thirties. He has no intention of ever paying rent. He has escaped through many windows to avoid the grasp his Landlord. He is constantly on the look out for a woman, with money, that will buy him things and take care of him.