Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bahamas Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell, Meets With Top Atlanta Executives

Bahamas Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fred Mitchell (center) at a luncheon with government officials, civil rights leaders and business executives, during a brief diplomatic tour of metro Atlanta.

By Arthia Nixon
For Bahamas Consulate General’s Office of Atlanta

(Atlanta, Georgia)…Minister of Foreign of Affairs to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas Fred Mitchell is on a brief diplomatic tour of metro Atlanta, where he is meeting with government officials, civil rights leaders and business executives, in what has been described as a “great dialog” that will positively impact both regions.

Among those attending a luncheon with Min. Mitchell was Andre Dickens, Atlanta City Council Member; Rashida Winfrey, Mosiac Advisors Financial Management CEO; Michael Ross, Program Manager for Hartsfield Jackson International Airport; Cassius Butts, Regional Director Small Business Administration; Leona Davenport, Atlanta Business League CEO; and Tommy Dortch, entrepreneur. Also in attendance was Tim Waddell, the Development Manager for Popeye’s fast food chains who is a key player in the company’s expansion into The Bahamas and the Bahamas Popeye’s Bowl. Rounding out the list of luncheon attendees were representatives of The Bahamas Consulate General’s Office of Atlanta, namely Consul General Randy E. Rolle and Deputy Consul Monique Vanderpool.

Min. Mitchell engaged in talks about current events, issues, tourism growth and challenges.
“Atlanta is the heart and center of government, business and social trends when it comes to the southeast United States,” said Rashida Winfrey. “We’re already seeking to have an expanded conversation and even go down to The Bahamas to see firsthand how we can positively impact folks. There is so much we can do when it comes to partnerships in education, principle industries, agriculture and more.”

“Minister Mitchell’s visit gave us the opportunity at our office to introduce him to those we have developed an amicable partnership with as well as those who seek to network, invest and collaborate with The Bahamas and Bahamians,” stated Consul General Rolle. “Overall, the luncheon proved a great occasion for us to exchange ideas and gave us an opportunity to further converse with leaders in the City of Atlanta and The Bahamas.”