Monday, March 2, 2015

The Amazing Love Story

“If music be the food of love play on” – William Shakespeare

Freeport, Grand Gahama - End to End Band, Grand Bahama’s newest and hottest bands, understanding the power of music and love, launched an exciting 6 week promotional campaign The Amazing Love Story – A Celebration of Love.

The Amazing Love Story a social media based contest, got the involvement of the Grand Bahama community who nominated engaged couples who would wed in 2015 for a chance win FREE LIVE wedding entertainment saving them significantly.

The public voted for their favorite Amazing Love Story and on Valentine’s Day End to End Band was pleased to announce the winners Mr. Dominick Nixon cameraman at the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas and Miss Ashley Penn Public Relations Officer at the Grand Bahama Port Authority.

It is stated that love conquers all; this has been reflected in the Amazing Stories submitted of challenges, disappointments and a determination to win against all odds.

The Winning Amazing Love Story:
End To End I truly feel Ashley MzislandStar Sache't and Dominick D'Swagger Nixon should win 'The Amazing Love Story' Contest because...

To me they epitomize from 'end to end' the meaning of love 'tried and true'.
 Individually, both Ashley and Dominick have had to contend with many challenges and by God's grace, each have conquered every one however, not without scars.
 Now for most of us, scars would not only be a bitter reminder of our past, which we try to hide but also the very thing that would separate us from our foundational upbringing.
 It would leave us fearful of the future, cause us to give up on love and settle for the mediocre.
 However, unlike most of us, Ash and Dom have utilized their scars in an uncommon way letting them lead to an unwavering trust in God, who used those scars and their faith in love to pave a road to each other.
 Dom possesses that 'old school' chivalrous nature, which in spite of his 'young buck' swag causes him to love and honor Ash, who possesses a unique grace that causes her to already love and care for him like a Proverbs 31:10-31 Woman should, from 'end to end'.
 They are from completely different worlds united by love, uninhibited by scars, who together are an inspiration and are a couple, who in my humble opinion deserves End to End to sing at their wedding (March 28th, 2015) just to witness firsthand a bit of what I have attested to.


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