Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lavard’s Legacy: Family and Record Label Announce Plans and New CEO

Lavard’s Legacy: Lavard ‘Manifest’ Parks. (Top to bottom) Livingston Parks, father; Lincoln Parks, brother and Chairman of the Board of Dunamus Soundz record label; Corridon Hanna, best friend and DSMG President; and Keith Rolle, new DSMG CEO.

(Nassau, The Bahamas) The legacy of Lavard ‘Manifest’ Parks is going to continue thanks to the combined efforts of his family and Dunamus Soundz Music Group team.

Although he was known internationally as an award winning gospel hip hop artist, Manifest and his wife Radel were installed as youth pastors at Bahamas Faith Ministries just last Easter. The couple, who were expecting their second child and their five year-old son Johanan were among those killed in a plane crash last November along with world-renown televangelist Dr. Myles Munroe.

Led by his father Livingston Parks, brother Lincoln Parks and best friend Corridon Hanna, some of Manifest’s initiatives that are confirmed to proceed include his personal projects such as the completion of his music album and book he was working on. The group announced that they will also continue events he founded such as the Bahamas Hip Hop Fest and Dunamas Soundz Music Conference.

Words really cannot state how grateful we are so many people have stepped forward to pledge their continued support to build on the foundation my brother built,” said Lincoln Parks who now takes the helm as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Dunamus Soundz Records. “It has been a rough transition but everyone is helping each other through the healing process and ensuring his work will not be in vain. Lavard and Radel were the essence of the Dunamus Soundz Music Group and we’ve been in touch with the artists and will be moving forward.”

He noted that the first undertaking will be the DSMG Music Conference which will take place on Thursday, April 2 at the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture. He confirmed that both he and his father will be speaking.

Corridon Hanna, who served as Vice President on the label under Manifest revealed that a new CEO has been named in the person of Keith L. Rolle, a radio show host and fixture on Caribbean gospel music industry. Rolle formerly served as manager to Manifest.

We are excited to have Keith on board,” said Hanna, who is now the Dunamus Soundz President. “The thing is Manifest was such an astute businessman, he left us with a blueprint to be able to fulfill the purpose of this label. We all had some sort of email or correspondence from him, indicating our tasks, or following through with our duties as executives or artists. We have no choice but to continue and we thank everyone who has supported us.”

I’m blessed with the opportunity to be a part of a dynamic movement,” said Rolle. “Manifest and I were discussing so many things and now I realize that we have to rise together, we have to overcome together or what he started would have no merit at all. I want to go on record to thank all the artists, all the executive members and of course the family for allowing us to honor him in continuing what he started.”

A relaunch of the company website and Manifest track releases are scheduled to be announced at the conference. For more information, visit the Manifest and Dunamus Soundz Music Group social media pages. Online registration for the DSMG Music Conference is at