Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kerr in Korea: Bahamas Rep Only Black Finalist in Mr. International 2015

By Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency,

Seoul, Korea - International Caribbean male model and reigning Mr Bahamas International Kenneth Kerr is moments away from learning if he will win the title of Mr. International 2015. Kerr and Mr. Puerto Rico are the only two contestants from the Caribbean region. He also is the only Black finalist.

“It’s interesting but I see it as an advantage more than a disadvantage,” said Kerr noting the distinction. “I stand out when we go on our public appearances but I certainly haven’t experienced anything negative from anyone while here. In fact, I’ve had to be quite aware of things within the Bahamian, Caribbean  and African-American community especially since it’s Black History Month.”

The Freeport native has already swooned social media after a video of him turning a fitness session with Mr. Indonesia into a dance off hit the pageant pages.

"That was unexpected!" Kerr said from the set of a photoshoot with the 20 other finalists from Asia, South America, Europe and Canada. "But then again, I’ve been getting so much love from people who don't even speak the language I speak contacting me and wanting to get to know Mr. Bahamas."

Kerr gave Korea a taste of the islands when he displayed his Junkanoo Carnival themed costume, depicting a lionfish.

"The costume was designed by Anton Dean of Bahamas Masqueraders and during my presentation, I explained the wealth of our tropical waters that boast a variety of species and lure visitors from around the globe. I also mentioned our renowned seafood cuisine that includes recipes for lionfish. And of course the lovely design also gave me an opportunity to talk about our festive cultural form of expression, Junkanoo and Junkanoo Carnival."

Kerr added that with major pageants, there are many things that go into choosing a winner, not just the few hours they are on stage for the final night.

“I’m actually about to go into the final preliminaries now so hopefully, the judges will see something in me that piques their interest,” Kerr said. “I’m not nervous at all. I think at this point, I am just anxious to get back to my fitness routines, my amazing support system who have encouraged me daily, some Bahamian cooking and my bed because after this whirlwind of tours and events, I could use a good nap after nearly 20 hours of travelling.”

Even if he doesn’t win the title, Kerr said he plans to continue modelling. Over the past two years, he has become one of the few Caribbean male breakout stars to hit international runways. He also wants to focus on fitness, especially with youth, a passion he has had since coaching gymnastics while pursuing a degree in Education.