Monday, February 2, 2015

HEART MONTH ….. Sustaining Heart Beats One At A Time

For years, doctors, nurses and health care practitioners have encouraged adults to live heart healthy. Heart disease has been and still is the number one killer of people around the world. Heart disease does not discriminate by age, gender, financial status, ethnicity, or colour. Heart disease, impacts not only the individual who is ill, but also their family and society, regardless of the age of the individual.

In adults, most often, heart disease does not develop over night and the risk of developing it can be reduced. Heart disease normally develops as a result of lifestyle choices; what one eats, drinks, smokes and whether one exercises.

Unlike adults, newborn infants do nothing to develop congenital heart disease; they are born with heart disease, should they have it. They need the help of others to thrive and survive.

Each year millions of children are born worldwide. One percent of the children born are diagnosed with congenital heart disease i.e heart disease at birth; this is also true for The Bahamas.  Oftentimes, without intervention, these children may die.

February is celebrated as Heart Month globally. The Heart Ball Committee, The Sir Victor Sassoon (Bahamas) Heart Foundation and The Bahamas Heart Association want to invite the general public to join them as they celebrate Heart Month and help to sustain heart beats one at a time.

In the words of The Heart Ball Committee’s PR Officer, “Heart health is everybody’s business. As we embrace Heart Month, we would like to encourage the public to join us in the fight against heart disease. The Heart Foundation, the Heart Ball Committee, The Bahamas Heart Association and sponsors have joined together to host many informative and educational events. I wish to encourage the general public to come out and support these events; you can learn to save a life.

The major fundraiser to aid The Heart Foundation is the Annual Heart Ball. I would encourage those who can, to please come out and support this event. You can help to save a child’s life”.

The events for Heart Month are tentatively set as follows:

January 31st  - Launch @ Mall at Marathon from 10am until
February 1st - Church Service at Christian Life Church  @ 10 am
February 7th  - Free CPR Classes at SC McPherson School from 10- 2 pm
February 12th - Salus Event at Family Medicine Centre  @ 7pm
February 13th - Cable Bahamas’ Valentine’s Launch
February 14th  - 51st Annual Heart Ball
February 19th - Doctor’s Hospital Lecture at 6 pm, with blood pressure checks from 5 pm. Free.
February 20th - Go red for Women day: Wear Red and donate.
February 21st  - Family Fit & Fun @ NPCC from 10 am til 2pm. Free.
February 26th  - The Annual Health Fair at Town Centre Mall from 9 am - 4 pm. Free.                      
February 28th - The Annual Fun / Run Walk

The Sir Victor Sassoon (Bahamas) Heart Foundation is a non-profit entity that helps to repair the
hearts of children, who can not ordinarily afford heart care. The Foundation relies heavily upon
the generosity of others to help repair children’s hearts.

The Heart Foundation works along with The Bahamas Heart Association to educate and inform the public about living heart healthy lifestyles.

In addition to attending the Annual Heart Ball, there are many ways to assist The Heart
Foundation. The public can make donations, make memorial donations, join The Bahamas Heart
Association, sponsor events and support sponsored events. This year, a special appeal is being
made for organizations to have employees wear red on February 13th or February 20th (Go Red
Day) and donate $1 for each person wearing $1.

Finally, members of the public can support sponsored events such as The Salas Art Project, and
the Fun Run Walk. Proceeds from such events benefit The Heart Foundation.

For more information about the Heart Month events, please contact the Sir Victor Sassoon (Bahamas) Heart Foundation at 327-0806.