Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Students Prepared to Gain Job Experience

Students encouraged to exercise good work ethics.
INTERNSHIP - BTVI’s Student Affairs Coordinator, Racquel Bethel gives guidance to students in preparation for their four-week internship experience.

The skills learned at BTVI are now being applied in the workplace by 67 students who are presently on four-week internships for the spring semester.

Each intern will work for 40 hours a week, amounting to 160 hours - a requirement for graduation.  They will receive professional experience at various organizations ranging from Culmer’s Plumbing and Platinum Welding to the Ministry of Education, the Bahamas Electricity Corporation and the Bahamas Telecommunications Company.  Students will have the opportunity to gain additional competencies, while networking and possibly secure jobs.

The Student Affairs Department held a seminar prior to the commencement of internships, with Student Affairs Coordinator, Racquel Bethel, giving them advice to be successful in the workplace. Ms. Bethel noted that the experience is not only about skills, but work ethics.

“Add value to the institution you’re going to.  Have the right attitude. Don’t go in there with the mind to show off.  Every organization has a corporate culture.  Go to learn.  You’re not to go there to be the boss and take over,” she cautioned.

Office Assistant student, Mitzi Sanches, expressed her excitement, stating that her time at BTVI has been a stepping stone to where she wants to go.

“I expect to gain work experience. Even tasks that are a challenge, I expect to complete.  I want to gain knowledge every day, if possible, while networking,” said the 18-year-old.

Keisa Knowles, who is studying towards an Associate’s of Applied Science degree in Information Technology Management, said BTVI has prepared her well to enter the workplace.

“This internship is a chance to exercise everything I’ve learned such as disassembling and assembling laptops and desktops,” said Keisa.

“Initially, I saw BTVI as just a place to gain knowledge, but it’s not just an institution. I’ve gained a family,” exclaimed the 25-year-old.

Meanwhile, Dean of Construction Trades, Alexander Darville, encouraged the interns to apply safety rules while on the job.

“Regardless of your discipline, closed shoes are important – whether you are at the office or on the construction site.  If you are sitting on a chair that is rocky, you need to respectfully say something because it could injure your back.  What you would have learned here, express it,” said Mr. Darville.

Beyond the necessary paper work, Mr. Darville further suggested to students to keep a personal diary of their internship, documenting experiences and evaluating their performance and growth at the culmination of the four weeks.

EXCITED – BTVI Office Assistant students, Mitzi Sanches (l) and Patricka King, are attentive as they listen to information about their internships.