Friday, December 12, 2014

Bahamas Tourist Office Staff Shares Christmas Goodwill

Staff of Bahamas Tourist Office, Florida, collect gifts for kids in Florida’s Farming Communities

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL  - December 12, 2014 – In celebration of the Christmas season, members of the staff of The Bahamas Tourist Office Florida, during the first few weeks of December bought gifts to be presented to children in Florida’s farming communities of Immokalee and Lake Trafford.

The farming communities are  mostly populated by immigrant and migrant families who work the fields which produce a large amount of the United States' fresh produce. Crops include cucumbers, bell peppers, citrus and a large percentage of the nation's tomatoes that are harvested during the winter months.

The all-Bahamian staff of The Islands Of The Bahamas’ Tourist Office, Florida, represents the Sales, Marketing and Communications teams of the country’s Ministry of Tourism. A representation of the staff is pictured around the office Christmas tree with some of the toys collected.