Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Young Bahamian Entrepreneur Innovates in Atlanta

Little would one suspect to hear a 5-year old student at a charter school in Atlanta, Georgia screaming at the top of her voice: “Where is Bahama Man?!” But it is happening; and it is happening more and more at a growing number of kindergarten and elementary schools in the Atlanta area.

BahamaMan© is a story book character created by Tyrone Sawyer II, a standout Bahamian track & field athlete, and his wife Jemima. Under the aegis of their company, Aunt Jemima’s Playhouse LLC, the Sawyers have introduced a fun, innovative way to reach children between two and twelve years old, which is widely considered to be the most vital stage of their development. Aunt Jemima’s Playhouse is a cultural children’s program that teaches Geography, Foreign Languages and Music through the use of its unique characters and original songs.