Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lucayans: Owners Of The Land

Melissa Arditto

First Published: 2002-12-31

All of them went about naked, even the women. Their forms was well proportioned, their bodies graceful and their features handsome. Their hair was as coarse as the hair of a horse’s tail and short. They wore their hair over their eyebrows, except a little hank behind which they never cut. Some of them paint themselves in black, white or red and wore little ornamentations. Some paint their faces, some other their whole body some their eyes only or noses only. Those that did wear clothing wore only a leaf or a net of cotton over their private parts. This is what Columbus wrote about the people he found in 1492 when he landed on their homeland after one month and a little more after leaving The Canary Islands.

In his attempt to look for a shorter route, little did Columbus know when he spotted the island of San Salvador that he had discovered a New World, for he had expected to reach China and the Far East going west. Instead, he found a tribe called "Lukku-cari" or "island people"; a tribe who, 1500 years ago, inhabited most of what we know as The Bahamas.


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