Thursday, October 16, 2014

Caribbean Chef Gives Taste of The Bahamas on NBC Atlanta

Chef Maurice Randall, NBC Atlanta & Company hostess Christine Pullora, publicist Arthia Nixon and Thomas Sylvester on the set of Atlanta & Company.

By The Ambassador Agency
Photos, Arthia Nixon

(Atlanta, Georgia)…  The metro Atlanta area got a chance to see how to cook a Bahamian meal when Maurice Randal appeared as guest on a top rated NBC affiliate show. Randal was the featured chef on Atlanta & Company on 11Alive, where he  gave hostess Christine Pullora a taste of The Bahamas during the cooking segment.

Over 2 million viewers learned how to make a traditional Bahamian conch salad, Caribbean rice, pineapple fish fillet and chicken as Randal talked about his road from C.C. Sweeting student to Atlanta-based celebrity chef.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the islands,” said Randal. “It was an experience of a lifetime and it was very well received. There were people who were calling me and my publicist during the commercial break to let us know they were watching. Also my website, received quite a bit of hits. It was just great.”

Nassau native Chef Maurice Randal prepares a Bahamian inspired meal on NBC Atlanta affiliate 11 Alive morning show, Atlanta & Company with hostess Christine Pullora.

“Atlanta is quite familiar with The Bahamas and what better time to introduce a taste of The Bahamas to the area than now, when the Ministry of Tourism is celebrating 50 years and we are in the midst of Bahamas Culinary Month,” said Chef Randal’s publicist Arthia Nixon. “The segment not only showcased Chef Randal and his company A Taste of Elegance, but the hostess was kind enough to highlight The Bahamas during her interview.”

Chef Randal is a celebrity chef who has booked several celebrity clients. Specializing in catering private events, he most recently pleased the palettes of those attending Mrs. Bernadette Christie’s birthday party in Atlanta. His recipe and segment can be viewed in the What’s Cooking? section of or directly at