Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bahamas Consul General Randy Rolle Seeking Scholastic Opportunities For Bahamians

Bahamas Consul General Randy Rolle Seeking Scholastic Opportunities For Bahamians Within Jurisdiction

By Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency
For Bahamas Consul General of Atlanta

(Nassau, The Bahamas)... Atlanta Technical College will be in The Bahamas on Thursday scouting potential students now that Bahamas Consul General Randy E. Rolle is making it his mission to provide more educational opportunities to Bahamians. Rolle, who has visited several colleges and universities within his jurisdiction, has praised Bahamian students on their achievements and feel they are certainly setting the pace for others to follow.

“There are some very exciting possibilities we are looking into with schools in the area,” said Rolle. “Atlanta Technical College is the first one that is working along with us to actually come down to New Providence on Thursday, June 25 to give potential students insights and talk about the advantages of studying with them. I have personally experienced what Atlanta Tech has to offer and I am excited that they are considering The Commonwealth of The Bahamas as an ideal choice to recruit students."

Those attending the event slated to be held at 9 a.m. in Sandyport can expect to learn about online courses, physical courses, an extensive list of programs to choose from and most importantly, the comfort of being able to study in a location where there is a Bahamian community. Rolle added that other islands are being considered in the initiative.

"There are an estimated 500 Bahamian residents in the city of Atlanta alone who live and work daily," noted the Consul General. "Additionally, we have the actual Consulate General's Office right here. There are quite a few Bahamians who get together now and again, and our students tend to feel a bit more connected and their parents feel a bit more at ease. Our jurisdiction boasted a valedictorian as well among the 2014 graduates. I am looking forward to attending to be a part of this discussion to enable our partnerships as we take The Bahamas to another level and provide Bahamians with opportunities to have international experiences to share upon their return home."

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