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RBDF’s Best Female Recruit credits BTVI with success

RBDF’s Best Female Recruit, Woman Entry 21, Victicia Rollins

After nearly three months of rigorous military training, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force’s Best Female Recruit, Victicia Rollins credits The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) with helping her pass what was an arduous experience.

Victicia who graduated from BTVI in 2010 with a certificate in Computer Repair, said what she learned at the institution even helped her with the initial interview.

“During the interview, I started to have an anxiety attack in front of the six officers, but I remembered what one of my instructors, Mr. (Craig) Albury taught me. He told me to, ‘Take it slow and breathe slowly.’ He helped me with my anxiety while speaking publicly to the class during a business plan presentation; I used to have severe anxiety. BTVI helped to boost my confidence,” said Victicia who is a member of Woman Entry 21.

Training for the 83 recruits, nine of whom were females, commenced on February 8th, ending on May 2nd. The program’s curriculum included subjects such as navigation, seamanship, small arms, first aid, firefighting and communications. Maths and English were inclusive of the academic subjects covered. The demanding Swedish physical fitness training program and swimming comprised the bulk of the fitness program.

RBDF’s Best Female Recruit, Woman Entry 21, Victicia Rollins receives her reward from Minister of National Security, the Honourable Bernard Nottage 

Furthermore, Victicia said she also learned invaluable leadership skills at BTVI and had to quickly use them while in training.  “While in the computer course at BTVI, I was in charge of a group of eight and I had to deal with varying personalities; it was challenging.  While at the base, I was captain of the squad for a day and just as I had to tell my team at BTVI to fix a part of a computer, I had to sometimes tell a recruit to clean an area or square off an area.  I had to stand my ground,” said the 24-year-old.

Additionally, it was at BTVI where Victicia said her discipline was put to the test with eight o’clock classes. However, she later considered that pale in comparison to the early morning routines at RBDF’s Coral Harbour base.

“They would get us up at 4 o’clock in the morning to exercise, run four miles, 12 miles, eight miles, pushups, sit ups etc. It was easy to give up. I had to push myself.  It was up to me.  The fourth day I was ready to give up, but my family, including my parents and godson, kept me going. They are the glue to my life and I ended up graduating on top,” she said beaming with pride.

Reflecting on the award she received for her leadership skills, positive attitude, physical aptitude and exam results, Victicia said although she is honored, simply graduating was most rewarding.

The determined Victicia, who had just started her Associate of Applied Science degree in Office Administration in January, just before being called into training, said she will eventually make time to complete her degree.

Victicia said BTVI has been a stepping stone for her and she is not finished yet.  “Going to BTVI made me feel I was doing something constructive with my life.  It showed me I can accomplish my dreams.  The instructors motivated me like Mr. O’Glen Johnson and Mr. Anthony Ramtulla; they were hands on and really helped me to go after my dreams,” she said.

By Hadassah Hall
Public Relations Officer
The Bahamas Technical & Vocational Institute (BTVI)
Nassau, Bahamas
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Switchboard: (242) 502-6300
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