Thursday, May 29, 2014

Book - A Journey from Africa to The Bahamas

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A Journey from Africa to The Bahamas
by Alfonso L.R. Smith

"The journey from West Africa to The Bahamas of the author's great, great grandparents Cuffee and Elizabeth Bastian was indeed a new and somewhat frightening experience for them as they sail west across the Atlantic Ocean in a crowded slave ship with other slaves heading towards their new home in the western world after leaving their homeland and mother country forcefully and without any idea of their final destination per se."

Get this thrilling book at Wong's Bookworld & Stationers, Mackey St. or Logos in the Harbour Bay Plaza, East Bay St. You may also get a signed copy directly from Mr. Smith. He can be found seated at a table in front of Diamonds International on the southern side of downtown, Bay St.

Mr. Alphonso Smith was employed as a Police Constable and Assistant Director of Immigration, having served 39 years with The Bahamas government. He has also authored another book, "Real and Authentic ghost stories from around The Bahamas."

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