Thursday, April 10, 2014

Representatives from Consul General’s Office Greet Bahamian Students at Lee University

Bahamian students at Lee University meet with Consul General Randy Rolle (back left) and Culture and Student Affairs Officer Robert Pinder (right).

By Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency
for Bahamas Consul General’s Office of Atlanta

Photos: Troy Taylor

       (Cleveland, Tennessee)… Bahamian students enrolled in Lee University in Tennessee got the opportunity to socialize with Consul General Randy E. Rolle plus Culture and Student Affairs Officer Robert Pinder. The students were elated to meet the team, whose Atlanta-based office includes Tennessee within their jurisdiction.

“It was heartwarming to meet these dynamic young Bahamians who are representing our nation as student ambassadors,” said Consul General Rolle. “They thanked us for taking the time to come and interact with them, something they said has never been done with other official Bahamian representatives. We spent a few hours getting to know the students, their majors and listen to what they hope to contribute to the nation when they return home with their degrees.”

“Overall, it was very candid and informal but at the same time extremely informative,” continued Rolle. “We met them in a student apartment and spoke about our role at the Consulate General and the importance of being registered with us as Bahamian students within our jurisdiction. We also talked about their individual challenges and their adjustment to college life. I was truly impressed with the talent that we have at Lee University and look forward to them making a real contribution to their institution and to The Bahamas.”

Consul General Randy E Rolle (back) listens to Bahamian students at Lee University in Tennessee during a social

“The social brought clarity to the many Bahamian students we have here within the jurisdiction and it was refreshing to see the unity displayed among the students,” added Pinder. “We got to see some familiar faces, including the daughters of Hon. Shane Gibson, Minister of Labor. The students were all very excited about what we have to offer them. As we told them, we look forward to the partnering them, and want them to partner with us. Young people have good ideas and innovative approaches to some of the challenges we face as a nation. Despite being abroad, they still are looking for solutions to things we encounter at home so that our country will be on the fast track to success.”

The Consulate General’s Office of Atlanta is responsible for Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Consul General Rolle encouraged those within the States they represent to sign up for the official Student Registry by contacting them at 404-214-0492 or visiting

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