Monday, April 28, 2014

Bahamas Consul General “Elated” With Bahamian Students in Arkansas

By Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency
For The Bahamas Consul General of Atlanta
Photos: Kenyon Missick

(Little Rock, Arkansas USA)… In keeping with his commitment to connect with Bahamians throughout his jurisdiction, Bahamas Consul General Randy E. Rolle left his office in Atlanta to personally meet students of Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Arkansas. Others drove from the University of Arkansas and Fayetteville to attend the meet and greet, which also included representatives from a Caribbean scholarship association.

While his intention was to inform them of the role of the consulate and encourage them to sign on to the database his office is creating, Rolle says he was impressed with the outstanding achievements of the students, most of whom are eager to get back The Bahamas to provide their contributions in science, technology, engineering and medicine.

“I was blown away by the dynamic group of Bahamians at the institution,” he stated. “Many of them are top achievers in their class. They have some credits left to earn but the majority of them are hoping to come home to put what they have learned to secure The Bahamas as a regional leader in several areas and alleviate what some consider a brain drain in the nation. One student, in particular, expressed a desire to focus in the area of stem cell research. Overall, their main concern is being overlooked because despite having the right degree, they may be told they don’t have enough experience. By working collaboratively with these students and various entities and Ministries back in The Bahamas, we are hoping to provide new opportunities for them to showcase their skills.”

Krystian Butler, who helped coordinate the meet and greet said Rolle’s “informative” presentation gave students a clear view of the role of the Consul General’s. Because the office is based in Atlanta, some attendees were not aware that the jurisdiction covered the state of Arkansas as well.

“The event was very informative and interactive,” Butler said. “Not only did the Consul General speak, but he also took the time to listen to the needs and concerns of each individual and their aspirations in life. It was an extremely important event for Bahamians to attend because it helped us became more aware of the information and opportunities that could help us through our educational journey. It also gives comfort knowing that there is someone backing us up and our country, The Bahamas, is in full support of our success.”

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