Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nassau Woman Pens Insightful Self-Help Guide

Author Bio

Kelda Rolle is an emerging author who wishes to encourage readers to dig a little bit deeper into their relationships. After suffering from a broken heart, Rolle uncovered answers to questions many men and women have about the male mind. She has two sons and currently resides in New Providence, Bahamas where she is engaged in a medical program.

Book Synopsis

“Men Under a Microscope,” also known as the “Man Bible,” is every man and woman’s guide to uncovering the mysteries of men. After pondering the male mind and questioning its complexity, author Kelda Rolle decided to do some research. As a result, she discovered systematic patterns that carry over from man to man that give us clues about how they think and act.

If you, man or woman, would like to be enlightened about a man’s most commonly traveled course, “Men Under a Microscope” can give you answers.

Rolle draws from personal experience to give both men and women insight into the male mind, relationships and sex.

Men Under a Microscope
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