Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Intramural Sports Helping to Focus Young Men

While stiff intramural competition between The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) and The College of The Bahamas (COB) is heating up, one of the major goals for COB’s Assistant Director of Athletics, Sean E. Bastian, is beyond winning games.

Mr. Bastian expressed his belief that intramural competition goes a long way with helping these young men to remain committed to their tertiary education.

“I truly believe that these activities would help the males at these institutions feel a sense of belonging to a structured team and program,” he said.

Such competitions also serve as an impetus for students to become involved in campus-life, allowing them to bond with others outside the classroom, stay active and have fun while attending post-secondary classes.

“Through sports, participants find one more avenue to experience and understand themselves, others and the world in which they live. Through the act of competition, there is an emphasis on commitment, cooperation, high achievement and working toward a common goal,” stated Mr. Bastian.

Furthermore, Coordinator for BTVI’s basketball team, Colin M. Francis, noted the correlation between sports and academics. “Sports help them to become disciplined. Those same skills can be transferred into the academics. Many times, students come from backgrounds where education is not important and they just need that spark to be awakened to the importance of education,” he said.

Mr. Francis is adamant that starting BTVI’s basketball team since September has helped members hone their skills; the camaraderie and discipline are also channels toward positive growth.

“It’s an outlet that gives them a sense of belonging. I also use it as a medium to talk with them. We have to meet them where they are,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bastian said he welcomes the competition. “Both institutions are coming together in a friendly, competitive environment for their student bodies,” he stated.

The coach anticipates that other tertiary institutions will come onboard as well. He envisions a tertiary league being formed amongst the tertiary institutions including: The Bahamas Baptist Community College, Success Training College, BTVI, COB, Galilee College, Nova University, The University of the West Indies and Sojourner-Douglass College.

The next intramural competition between BTVI and COB is the Ironman Competition scheduled for November 14th at COB, beginning at 2 pm. This will be followed by Co-ed Volleyball games, best out of five, scheduled for November 28th, also at COB, starting at 2 pm.