Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jalam Brings Poetic Vibes With New Single 'My Mama'


Tribune Features Reporter

BAHAMIAN singer Jalam pays tribute to his mother and all other mothers in his new music video “My Mama”. Through his poetic lyrics, Jalam expresses gratitude and love for his mother’s guidance and struggles.

He sings: “My mama you did it on your own, you did it all alone, my mama you know that I love you. And when times get hard, you told us look to the lord, my mama you know that I love you.”

Jalam told In Ya Ear: “With this song, my producer Mr Lynx and I sat down and penned the song line for line critiquing every word as it was very important to me to bring this message forth correctly, the emotion of gratefulness and thankfulness I feel when reflecting on what my mother has done for me personally.”

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