Friday, June 7, 2013

Musicians On Board To Raise Funds

Renown Musicians On Board To Raise Funds For Bahamas Music Conservatory and Bahamian Teen Singer Through Anuschka Wright’s Jazz In Bloom Concert

By Arthia Nixon The Ambassador Agency, for Jazz In Bloom

(Nassau, The Bahamas)... As the countdown for Anuschka Wright’s Jazz In Bloom concert approaches, a slew of musicians and sponsors are confirming their commitment to helping her on her journey to raise funds for school, the Bahamas Music Conservatory and Michael Taylor, a 13 year-old travelling abroad for a singing competition. The British Colonial Hilton Hotel,, Burns House Limited and Fine Threads are officially onboard to help Wright achieve her goals.  Anuschka also has the support of partners like Bahamas Weekly, Expats in the Bahamas, The Ambassador Agency, Bahamas at Sunrise, eLife and Nu Woman as well as others who are helping to spread the word about this new phenomenon called “Jazz In Bloom”.

“The event is set for June 16, 2013,” recalled Ida Butler, Anuschka’s mother and co-organizer of the concert. “There are several major names in jazz that will be making an appearance but overall, it’s just amazing to see how far Anuschka has come in bringing this project to fruition.”

Anuschka Wright officially revealed who will be taking part in her concert which will take place at the British Colonial Hilton Hotel on Father’s Day.

“Yes, Adrian D’Aguilar is confirmed to perform at Jazz In Bloom,” she confirmed what had been speculated in the local music industry when she announced plans to hold a concert. “He is truly a pioneer in jazz in The Bahamas and he left a mark at Berklee College of Music and was actually named the Most Outstanding Bassist when he graduated the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. Most people know him from the band Jazz Etc, but Mr. D’Aguilar has worked with the likes of The Platters, the Mighty Sparrow and as an arranger for shows like Malcolm in the Middle and The Distinguished Gentleman starring Eddie Murphy. He is also my musical mentor.”

Los Angeles drummer/percussionist Tina Raymond is also slated to make an appearance, Wright confirmed. Tina is not only experienced in her craft but also holds a BA in music and a MA in jazz studies.

“I am also excited to announce that Christian Sands, who at 20 was nominated for Best Latin Jazz Piano solo and Best Latin Jazz Album at the GRAMMYs will also be joining Jazz in Bloom,” beamed Wright. “I’m very grateful they are able to participate in my debut headlining event.”

Also taking center stage is another Bahamian jazz legend, Ralph Munnings whose fixture on the local jazz scene began with his days at the historic Cat & Fiddle. As a member of a well known Bahamian musical family, Munnings quickly rose to the top nationally before travelling abroad with the likes of Nat King Cole, Dinah Washington, Sam and Dave and Harry Belafonte.

“I’m also pleased to announce that two young Bahamian vocalists will be give stunning renditions in the person of Osano Neely and Josh Lynes,” added Wright. “Osano has been a child prodigy ever since his days with the National Children’s Choir of The Bahamas and is now a force to be reckoned with, collaborating with some of the nation’s top singers and performing internationally.

Josh on the other hand has strong roots in gospel but his signature voice is finding its place into R&B and jazz. All in all, I am just honored and blessed that they have all joined me in this venture.”

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