Wednesday, June 12, 2013

James Catalyn & Friends - "A Weddin' Tale"

Written by Bahamian writing legend James Catalyn, this stage play is a humorous and satirical look at Bahamian weddings, on the day a bride is to walk down the aisle. As friends gather in preparation, they begin to suspect that something is awry. Directed by long standing members of the group Chigozie Ijeoma and Dwain Wallace who between them have a wealth of stage experience; the cast stretches from JCF veteran actors like Neil Cleare and Antoinette Knowles to the newly discovered. It's filled with fun and laughter.

Box Office at Dundas Centre opens June19-29 & July 3-6, 2013. Tel 393-3728/394-7179

Vist James Catalyn & Friends Official Website