Friday, May 31, 2013

the Sage - Live Performance at Horizons Academy - "Look to the Sky"

the Sage with students of Horizons Academy.
Recorded and Produced by Canishka Stuart- Alexander

Look to the Sky (Lyrics)

There are times we reach the light,
There are times we loose the fight.
There are times we're full of fright,
And all the hope has died.
There are times when we are strong,
Times when we are wrong.
Can't find where we belong,
Unprepared to face the storm.
There are times we need to cry,
Because it hurts so much inside.
Somebody dared to cross the line,
Once bitten, forever shy.
There are times the world seems cold,
And there's a time when we grow old.
Half the story is always told,
While the other remains unknown.

And we look to the sky,
Will we recover before we die?
Is there a heaven floating somewhere nearby?
Or is it just another lie?

Second Verse:

There are times we need to wait,
Times when we're too late.
There are times when one mistake is the author of our fate.
There are times we loose someone,
Every now and then, we come undone;
Our words shoot just like a gun, aiming at anyone.
There are times we understand,
At times we'll need a hand.
So many dreams lost in the sand,
Cause we didn't have a plan.
There are times when we change,
But everyone thinks we're still the same.
Life is not a children's game,
When we fall, we feel the pain.


Someday we will win again.
There won't be a bitter end.