Friday, May 24, 2013

Miss Universe Bahamas Arrives In Atlanta Caribbean Carnival and #Bahamas40Atl

(Atlanta, Georgia)… Miss Universe Bahamas Celeste Marshall officially arrived in the city on May 22nd to participate in the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival 25th anniversary parade as this year's grand marshal. The beauty queen received a hearty welcome from Ms. Patricia Henry, president of the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Bandleaders Association.

Upon arrival, Marshall was escorted by Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport staff to a private waiting area where she was met by Africa Allah of DIRadiocast and Joy Mendoza of JEM, the producers of the #Bahamas40Atl, a documentary styled reality show.  Cameras immediately began rolling to document her as one of the first cast members on the show.

Marshall will be featured at several events on Thursday including the King and Queen Carnival competition, a carnival launch party and a Bahama Fete in downtown Atlanta. The beauty queen is also to be featured in media with interviews booked for the Georgia Star and CBS news.

By Arthia Nixon