Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Miss Universe Bahamas and Stilleet featured prominently on CBS Atlanta

Stileet, Q, Miss Universe Bahamas Celeste Marshall, Pree Diamond, Miss Buckhead, Thomas Mikal Ford and Heston

(Atlanta, Georgia) Miss Universe Bahamas, Celeste Marshall  talked about the people, the history and nation. Rake n Scrape artist Stileet showed the newscaster how to beat a Junkanoo drum, shake a cowbell and what Rake ‘n’ Scrape is. For a full hour live news feed, Miss Universe Bahamas Celeste Marshall and Rake ‘n’ Scrape artist Stilleet, wooed CBS newscaster Greg Dingrando and millions watching the Atlanta broadcast.

Bahamas on CBS Atlanta

The duo were representing the 25th Atlanta Caribbean Carnival where Celeste Marshall was this year’s grand marshal and Stilleet was a featured performer at several of the events. Greg Dingrando, the newcaster, revealed that he had visited The Bahamas off air, even took time to shake some cowbells and beat the Junkanoo drum while wearing a headpiece.

Miss Universe Bahamas, grand marshal of the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival live on CBS

“We are bringing you the beauty and the sounds of the Bahamas from right here in downtown Atlanta!” he said while standing between the two Bahamian ambassadors.

“I’m delighted to be here and take part in these activities and all that Atlanta has to offer,” Marshall said when asked about her duties while on her first trip to the city. “I am looking forward to meeting your Mayor, and visiting some more of your sites to get to know this great city.”

Stileet gets carnival in high gear during a CBS live broadcast

Immediately after the interview Marshall and Stileet were whisked away to lead the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival parade.

“They are bringing The Bahamas to Atlanta,” Dingrando told his colleagues in the studio. “And you never know what you might see when we come back from break. I might just be doing a dance along with them as well.”

Thomas Mikal Ford of Martin fame gets 'Bahamianized'

With an estimated 9.92 million people in Georgia - 500,000 of them in Atlanta alone - and with CBS having affiliates nationally, the appearance on the show was truly a tremendous opportunity for The Bahamas.

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By Arthia Nixon