Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bahamian Artist - Sakinah Duncombe

IF Sakinah Duncombe doesn’t give you goose bumps, she’ll make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

No, she’s not a magician, but a professional songwriter and singer whose powerful voice will captivate you and leave you mesmerized. Sakinah has been singing professionally for four years. And this songbird is one to be watched closely, having made her mark among the best of the best on the local music scene as well as overseas.

“I have performed at an event hosted by PoeBoy Entertainment, a Miami-based Indie Label best known to gateway major artists such as FloRida, Rick Ross, Jacki-O, Brisco and Brianna,” Sakinah reveals. “I was also featured as a guest artist at the annual Jingle Ball in 2011 alongside MDeez, performing our reggae remake of ‘Give Love on Christmas Day’. “I was most recently featured as a guest artist at the Celebration Of Love concert alongside Sketch performing our hit song ‘Wanted’. And there are many others. But these three in particular I’m proud of, because I was able to compare myself with international sensations to see where I’m at as an artist. I’m proud to say that I’m right on target! I don’t rate myself based on only what my country expects of me as an artist, but by what the world needs, by the overall consensus.”

Sakinah is preparing to host her first "In Concert/Mixer" set for June 15, 2013 and she's put together a star studded line up featuring Big names such as Sammi Starr, Mdeez, Bodine Johnson and so much more. For Ticket information or if you are interested in booking Sakinah to captivate the crowd with her melodious voice at your next major event, you can e-mail her at: