Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sisters Hope To Take Talent Global

Tribune Features Reporter

The Pyfrom sisters have never been short on fame; they were well known in the Bahamas from the day they were born as quadruplets.

The identical ‘Quad sisters’ who make up the musical group “FourEver1” are pursuing opportunities to achieve global recognition for their musical talents.

Janelle, Jodi, Catherine and Christina are in the process of releasing a new single “Bahama Islands”, a song they say is fitting for times, as the country approaches its 40th anniversary of independence.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Jodi told Tribune Entertainment: “We also wanted a song that promoted the Bahamas, a song that would bring more tourists here. This song Bahama Islands actually came from a song called “Sun Sand and Sea” back in 1975, which was written by my dad’s friend Kirk Carey.”

She said the song was improved with new music, and rewritten with new lyrics and lots of harmony.