Monday, April 8, 2013

Help our little island orchestra get to New York.

Short Summary

I hope you liked our little Christmas video. Sorry it's over a year old, but we are still working on a clip from the 2012 concert.

My name is Stephanie and after 3 years of volunteering, I quit my insurance career to work with this youth orchestra full time.

The Bahamas has always been a melting pot of musical talent, but with proper training and motivation, the kids at The Bahamas Music Conservatory have progressed in leaps and bounds. Their hard work has paid off and after 18 months of intense study, they passed auditions at a level that takes an average of 3 years to prepare for. The average age of our orchestra members is 9.

We are planning a trip for 30 of our top students to visit New York to participate in workshops with the New York Philharmonic; exchange with a New York City youth orchestra; tour Carnegie Hall and perform in a concert at a local church.

Without community support, our students wouldn't be able to experience the zenith of their art in New York.

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