Saturday, April 13, 2013

Anthony Morley Still Inspired By 'The Beauty Of The Bahamas'

Tribune Features Reporter

With More than forty years of gifted experience in art, Bahamian artist Anthony “Big Mo” Morley still takes pleasure in painting the beauty of the Bahamas. He unveiled his newest work “Bahamas on Canvas” last Saturday at the Gallery at Old Fort Bay.

“This exhibit is highlighting the islands of the Bahamas: the beaches, the people, the landscape and everything Bahamas. The pieces are oil on canvas and the largest piece will be about 40 by 70. Those are paintings of flamingos, and there are the small ones which are 8 by 10. There is something for everyone to see,” said Mr Morley.

The “Bahamas On Canvas” exhibit is Mr Morley’s first solo show in two years. It will be on display for the rest of the week. Earlier this year he participated in an exhibit in Hope Town, Abaco. Last Summer he displayed work with the National Trust, in Abaco as well.

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