Monday, February 25, 2013

Henry Cooper - missing Bahamian in Canada

Missing man: Henry Leroy Cooper

Concern For Bahamian Man Missing In Canada Since November
By Arthia Nixon, Ambassador News Agency

(Nassau, The Bahamas) Uncertain as to why they have not heard from Henry Leroy Cooper in three months, a family in The Bahamas is desperate, hoping that they can find closure or at least a clue as to his whereabouts.

“The last time we saw or heard from him was in November 2012,” says his nephew Marcus Cooper, an accountant with a law firm owned by a well known Bahamian politician. “It’s not like him at all and I guess the time lapsed because one person thought the other was in contact and so on so forth. We are all here in The Bahamas and we need someone to figure out what is going on.”

Cooper said that his uncle’s address is Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada but he was last known to be at a halfway house in Ontario.

“My cousin, his son, went to local authorities but he was told to try and get more information on his own and then report back to police,” said Cooper. “Another officer told him to contact the non-emergency police and see if he could file a nationwide missing persons report with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Efforts were made but we haven’t gotten a clue as to what is going on.”

Cooper also noted that the family called his uncle’s number but it was answered by someone else. Frustrated, he finally contacted a publicist friend to assist in getting the word and photo out.

“This is a 62 year-old man we are talking about here,” Cooper said of his uncle. “We are not sure what happened or what else we need to do but we just need answers. We can’t just up and travel to join in the search like we want to but we do need to find out just what happened.”

Cooper is asking anyone with information or assistance to reach him at 1-242-636-4866 or to call Henry’s sister Normalee Johnson at 1-242-332-2829.