Monday, February 11, 2013

38 Year-old Caribbean Singer Mr. J Discusses His Virginity In New Single

Mr. J’s “I’m A Virgin” Music Video Set For Valentine’s Day Release

By Arthia Nixon, Ambassador News Agency for Mr. J

Photo from Mr. J’s I’m A Virgin music video.

(Nassau, The Bahamas) When Steve Carrel awkwardly dealt with his virginity woes in the 2005 film The 40 Year Old Virgin, it was a comedy at its finest as friends tried to pressurehis character Andy to ‘give it up’. Ultimately, the film ended with Andy’s deflowering, but only after his character got married to the woman of his affections.

Mr. J’s I’m A Virgin music video will be released on Valentine’s day.

Sure the hair waxing scene in the movie was classic comedy, but the main joke for movie goers was the fact that an adult male chose, for whatever reason, to remain a virgin beyond his teens and twenties. Most find it abnormal if someone confesses to have not engaged in sexual activity by the time they are 30, yet at 38 years-old, Haitian-Bahamian musician Mr. J has no problem being a (nearly) 40 year-old virgin. In fact, he’s known locally as the singer with the abstinence ‘til marriage agenda.

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