Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rhonda's Run

Bahamian “Ultra-Runner” Proposes to Run Length of Abaco as Fundraiser: 120 Miles, Non-stop

Can she run from the northern-most settlement of Great Abaco Island, Crown Haven, to the southern-most one, Sandy Point, 120-ish miles? And, if so, how long would it take? These are questions Bahamian Rhonda Claridge has been mulling over ever since she read an alarming report this fall and decided she wanted to raise money for Abaco’s local non-profit Friends of the Environment.

As reported in the British newspaper The Independent, coral reef ecosystems are not predicted to survive past this century. Professor Peter Sale of the University of Sydney, a top United Nations scientist who has studied the Great Barrier Reef for decades, explained that humankind’s burning of fossil fuels has led to warmer sea water temperatures and acidification, both of which are killing reefs.

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