Sunday, November 18, 2012

An Adventure in the Abandoned United States Naval Facility - Eleuthera, Bahamas

By Stephanie Stebbins,
Yahoo! Contributor Network

Recently, my family and I were fortunate enough to travel to Eleuthera, Bahamas. It is a beautiful place and I highly recommend it as a travel destination. We had the pleasure of visiting there because in my husband's first year of life, his father, a United States Navy Radioman, was stationed at the United States Naval Facility (NAVFAC) there. They were only stationed there for a year, but have many fond memories of it. 35 years later, they decided to go back and see it. Since my husband and I are both very fond of urban exploration, we were highly interested in seeing the base and what had become of it.

It is amazing to me how much a place can change in just 30 years. The base is detrimentally in ruins but there were still buildings standing tall, brave in the face of time. We spent two days there and I was able to get some really great photos.

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