Monday, October 15, 2012

Theatre Festival Takes Flight With Strong Opening Acts

Tribune Features Reporter

THE CURTAINS were pulled back last week on the highly anticipated Shakespeare in Paradise theatre festival. Out o’ Wedlock, a play in two acts, was the shining star. It matched the esteem of its author Jeanne Thompson, a former Justice and women’s activist. The two acts - Back of the Moon and Father’s Day - brought laughter as well as deep thought to patrons who attended the festival.

Father’s Day displayed a classic study of a Bahamian man navigating his relationship with a wife and two sweethearts over the course of an evening. Back of the Moon showed a feisty domestic servant accusing her boss, a white English minister of religion, of fathering her child, while she attempts to enlist the support of the middle class black community to rally in her defence.

Tribune Entertainment sat in on the play and spoke to a number of audience members, including Ms. Thompson herself.

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