Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bahamian music in the sixties and now - My dad on drums.

Here's a story by writer Fay Knowles over there at Bahamas Writer. My dad Peter Catalano on the drums. I remember listeneing to them practice. Wish I had a tape recorder. :)

Please enjoy and thanks Fay.
- Derek Catalano

by Fay Knowles

When I met my husband Erskine in 1965, soon after arriving in Nassau, he was playing in a band called “The Invaders”. The group consisted of Lorin Cartwright (vocalist and maracas), Peter Catalyn (drummer) and Erskine (guitar and vocals). Henry Knowles (proprietor of the “Family Island Restaurant and Lounge” on Soldier Road) also played bass with them for a short time.

The band folded shortly after Erskine and I were married. Peter went on to play with the Lou Adams band at Lyford Cay Club for many years. Lorin married a Canadian and settled in Canada, where he still resides.

The Invaders used to play at private parties (well paid in those days), including some held at the Royal Nassau Sailing Club. They also had a regular gig for a while at the old “Lisbon Club”, on Bay Street where Lorene’s and Hoffer’s are now located.

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