Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Summer Madness Show: “Makes You Laugh And Think At The Same Time”

Tribune Features Reporter

THIRTY years later and the laughter lives on. The Dundas Centre was filled to capacity last week, as faithful followers of “Summer Madness”, the annual James Catalyn and Friends show, staged its anniversary performance.

The 30th anniversary performance took a sarcastic and ironic look at topical and timely subjects in Bahamian society today; poking fun at politics, and of course “the dig up roads”.

“I always come because I know I can count on a good laugh. If you remember, there is one thing he said at the end of the play. He encouraged people to laugh at themselves and I like that, this is what I always get from it. He had many funny parts in the show tonight but one of my favourite themes would have to be the “Prison Life”.

Even though the situation is one we are facing in the Bahamas everyday, he made persons look into it and understand it, and made them laugh while doing it,” said MJ Sands, a college student, who attended the show on account of a school field trip. This was not her first time seeing a James Catalyn theatrical experience, however.

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