Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Private Photographic Exposition

Jeremy Lavender has over 30 years of experience in photography. His subjects range from landscapes, wildlife, architectural and historical places as well as street life. He has travelled throughout Europe, North America and Mexico, Central and South America and now The Bahamas, where he is captivated by the beauty and the diversity of each individual island as well as the rich and enthralling history, culture and people of this Archipelago.

Jeremy will hold his first Private Photographic Exposition in The Bahamas in December 2012. The main objective of this Expo will be to meet his audience, display his work and to answer your questions. Framed and matted photographs will be available for sale at the exposition as well as the event will also serve as the presentation of his first released collector's edition printed book.

This book adaptly named "ISLANDS OF THE BAHAMAS" will feature a collection of 250 stunning HDR photographs from all the major islands in The Bahamas depicting the Heritage, Culture and everyday life of the Bahamian People, creating an amazing visual discovery of this beautiful Country giving visitors and locals alike a breathtaking photographic journey through these Bahama Islands. "ISLANDS OF THE BAHAMAS" will be published in hardcover on a single edition of only 500 copies; each book will be signed and numbered.

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