Monday, April 2, 2012

Bahamian Artist Participates in Art Trek to the Fantastic Voyage

Standing in front of his features pieces (L to R: Ted Ellis, DT Gaitor, Emilio Martinez)

By Yvette Treco

The Tom Joyner Foundation, the Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce, and Remy Martin hosted the first ever “Art Trek to the Fantastic Voyage,” honouring Self Taught American Artist Mr. Purvis Young. The event which took place March 20th at the Purvis Young Studio in Wynwood, Miami Fl., was held to raise money to help keep black students in college, by means of scholarships, capacity building programs and global education.

Among the artist featured that night was Bahamian Artist DT Gaitor, Daniel Gaitor is a young up and coming Bahamian Artist, originally from Andros Island but is currently living in Miami Florida, where he works and studies.

Gaitor said that he felt both blessed and privileged to have been asked by such a reputable organization to participate in the event; that for him personally it was very rewarding to have people outside of friends and family to not only recognize, but appreciate his skills and hard work that he puts into each piece he creates. He noted that the event went smoothly and it allowed him the opportunity to meet a multitude of people who are apart of the Art world, the experience was indeed priceless.

New York artist Frank Frazier (Black Art in America), New Orleans artist Ted Ellis, and educator, illustrator, artist Janice Thacker were among the artist featured in the show.

Interview with DT Gaitor
Event video