Monday, March 12, 2012

Religious Broadcasters Chief Lauds Bahamas For It's Christian Heritage

L-R Dr. Frank Wright, President/CEO of NRB, left; Bahamas Director of Religious Market, Linville Johnson, center; Rich Bott, Chairman, NRB and President of Bott Radio Networks, right.

National Religious Broadcasters’ Executive Director says Bahamians are an amiable people.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (March 5, 2012) - “In the Bahamas we find an amiable people who share our deep Christian convictions and a meeting location that is second to none,” Dr. Frank Wright, Executive Director of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), has said of The Islands Of The Bahamas (TIOTB).

One of the most influential voices in the community of religious broadcasters, Dr. Wright’s comments were made as The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism And Aviation (BMOTA) attended the recent NRB”s Annual Convention and Exposition in Nashville Tennessee.

The Religious Market Department of BMOTA, under the leadership of Director, Linville Johnson has been regularly attending NRB’s Convention for close to 10 years. “The partnership between The Islands Of The Bahamas and the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) continues to be of enormous value to the community of Christian media communicators,” Dr. Wright said recently, adding, “Through this active engagement by The Bahamas Tourist Office, NRB members have built important relationships that have helped them discover the uncommon value and many benefits of holding meetings and special events in a great nation that shares in our Christian heritage and values.”

As in past years, The BMOTA as an active participant in the event, co-sponsored the organization’s Executive Board Meeting as well as the Business Meeting. Further a video promoting The Bahamas’ brand message was included in a continuous loop aired on the televisions in the mega resorts near 3,000 rooms and suites during the 6 day convention period.

The largest convention of its kind catering to both national and international Christian communicators, the event presented a great opportunity for The Islands Of The Bahamas to promote its destination and invite the community of religious broadcasters to partner with them in promoting the Bahamas product by means of their outreach to millions of viewers and listeners worldwide.

As a part of its marketing initiatives, BMOTA’s Religious market attends conventions such as NRB to maximize visibility and exposure of TIOTB to ensure to capture its market share of the lucrative Faith Based Tourism Market. Each year faith-based organizations spend more than $18 billion on travel and tourism and for the past few years The Bahamas has been successful in attracting a significant share of this growing, market.

Bahamas ‘ Religious Market Director, Linville Johnson shared that key contacts were made at the show, numerous viable opportunities for business created and most importantly the word went out that, “while The Bahamas cannot claim to be the birth place of Jesus Christ, we can claim that “The Islands of The Bahamas is the place where God lives.””

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