Thursday, February 2, 2012

Heart care recipients raising funds to assist other patients

It’s Heart Month and two young ladies want to invite the general public to take initiative and live heart healthy. More importantly, they want the public to follow their lead and help repair the hearts of children in The Bahamas. Heart disease is the number one killer of persons around the world and in The Bahamas. Heart disease does not discriminate by age, gender, social status or other. As such it can affect individuals, from newborns to senior citizens. What is significant about these two young ladies is that they themselves are heart survivors. They received heart surgeries as infants, thanks to the generosity of The Sir Victor Sassoon (Bahamas) Heart Foundation and the generous donations of others.

Amber Lightbourne and Hadassah Greene are both 9th graders with high aspirations and dreams. Their parents and The Almighty God keep them focused and grounded: Their parents often remind them of the life they have and how fortunate they both are to be alive. Neither of these two young ladies takes the beautiful gift of life for granted. Nor do they take the kindness given to their parents for granted, when they were babies in need of urgent heart surgeries, without which they could have died. Like many other parents today, when Amber and Hadassah were born with heart defects, their parents did not have the financial resources or tools to assist their precious babies. As such, they needed assistance. Thanks to the generosity of The Heart Foundation children, like Amber and Hadassah, are able to receive heart care.

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