Monday, January 16, 2012

Laughing with TAP

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SKETCH comedy icons are hard to come by in the Bahamas. If TAP has anything to do with it, and she does, that will not be true for very long.

The on screen persona of Tracey Ann Perpall, TAP, is sassy, sometimes vulgar, forward and above all funny, so say her fans. And there are hundreds of them.

Her video blog is exploding on social media networks, praised for its fresh approach and comedic appeal.

Picture Chelsea Lately, the much loved E! Entertainment late night comedy fix, making out with Saturday Night Live, the sketch comedy standard bearer, Bahamian style. TAP VLogs is something like that.

One of her first and most popular hits on YouTube was "TAP says, Can you tell me how to get to Shaniqua Avenue?". It racked up 63,000 views, and counting.

The popular issue spoofed Sesame Street, highlighting the letter, number and colour of the day, all segues to speak about current affairs issues like the sale of BTC and gambling in the Bahamas.

It also represented the on camera launch of Shaniqua, the promiscuous, outspoken and rowdy hand puppet, and reoccurring guest character.

Shaniqua's moppet characteristic evokes the innocence of childish things, but her societal commentary stands in stark contrast.

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