Thursday, January 26, 2012

Get Involved - Partner With Us, The Young Bahamian Music Society

The Young Bahamian Music Society (TYBMS) is seeking to turn talented Bahamians into competent entrepreneurs capable of launching their own careers in the music industry.

WIth the launch of the "Artist of the Year 2012" programme, aspiring musicians will have the opportunity to get their music recorded, get two free video shoots, as well as the chance to be named the most promising artist of the year.

The programme is open to solo acts, duos, trios or groups representing any established genre or styles of music. Prior to being announced as winners, the 48 selected recording acts will have one song of their choice professionally produced and recorded at the Compass Point Studio.

Starting this month, there will be four artists of the week selected by TYBMS. Of the four artists, one will be selected at the beginning of every month as the artist of that month. A total of 12 acts will get a music video shoot.

At the end of the year, one artist will be chosen as the "Artist of the Year 2012" and will get their extended length album recorded and produced, and will get an additional music video shoot.

This is a great opportunity for your establishment to take the initiative in making a change in our young people of The Bahamas. We use music to change the lives of those who have had a difficult start by helping them to build confidence and discover their potential. Your support will allow us to continue with this vital work, using music to provide hope and inspiration for a generation of children and young adults.

Through music making, any young person, regardless of their background, should have opportunities to discover their creativity and fulfill their potential.

We help children and young people with least opportunity discover their creativity and potential through music making.

For More Information on Sponsorship Opportunities or Inquiries, Call: 327-9104 | 556-6122
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The Young Bahamian Music Society
West Bay Street @ Compass Point
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