Monday, November 14, 2011

Paul Meeres, A Tribute by Telcine Turner

Paul Meeres, A Tribute
by Telcine Turner

He was killed by a car walking home from the bar.
(His name was jaded, faded
though acclaimed as a dancer
at Harlem’s Cotton Club.)

His name was jaded, faded.
Allegedly his mother hid the prisoner who escaped.
(“The Brown Valentino”, Harlem’s Cotton Club.
Adonis, so handsome and friendly).

His mother allegedly hid the prisoner who escaped
but he took the rap –
(Adonis, so handsome and friendly)
six months in prison plus a £100 fine.

Not the same when he got out, he fell into drinking
(though acclaimed as a dancer
who toured Europe and the world).
Walking home from the bar he was killed by a car.

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