Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Art Nucleus to present the Blue-Green Exhibition, November 25th

Freeport, Grand Bahama Island - The newly-developed artist’s collective, “Art Nucleus ” announces the Blue-Green Exhibition set for Friday, November 25th at L'Utopia. The exhibit will include paintings, installation works, conceptual pieces and video. Artists participating are Jacki Boss, multimedia artist; Susan Moir Mackay, conceptual artist and writer; Omar Smith, conceptual photographer and writer; Patrick Forbes, filmmaker; Del Foxton, handmade paper artist; Ken Heslop, multimedia artist; and Ebony Ferguson, painter.

"The concept we are trying to promote is acceptance and interest in a wider variety of "fine art" from both the community and the artists themselves," said exhibition curator, Jacki Boss. "The artists have integrated various materials into their works, besides traditional paintings on canvas with acrylic or oil, viewers will experience a fusion of mixed media elements including handmade papers, recycled materials, lighting and a medley of unorthodox objects. The artists have also provided a statement with each of their works, explaining their interpretation to the Blue-Green theme. This exhibit is bound to stir conversations of intrigue and inquiry."

Blue-Green Exhibition curator, Jacki Boss of Art Nucleus: "The concept we are trying to promote is acceptance and interest in a wider variety of 'fine art' from both the community and the artists themselves."

The intention behind the Exhibit is to confront and test the participating artists with their ability to meet this challenge by incorporating semantics and personal views into their works, and to encourage the viewing public to be open to and embrace alternative translations. This combined diligence is to initiate the process of understanding the artist’s role in a society, and importance of it.

The Exhibit’s display area is in itself, an “installation” piece; a vertical cave symbolizing a secret place, the mysterious and unexplored part of our unconscious mind. A space for the artist’s to, perhaps, explore new territory within themselves and develop additional skills, or to disclose their aptitude at manipulating normal and everyday perceptions. The symbolism of passing through a cave represents a change of state. All of the artist’s works contained within this “blue-hole”, are to be individually discovered, evaluated and impress upon the viewer, the exciting options to conventional thinking.

Art Nucleus has been created in an effort to integrate a cultural climate on Grand Bahama Island; artists are banding together in the spirit of cooperation, to exchange ideas, share techniques and experience camaraderie with organized activities and events. Find more information online at, or on Facebook at: Art Nucleus