Friday, November 4, 2011

Amos Ferguson - Match Me If You Can

Amos Ferguson, born 1920, was a house painter by profession who began painting when he was a boy. He received a vision from God in a dream; God told him to paint the beauty of His world, celebrate the Bible and nature, and to show off his native Bahamas. Amos has followed God's commands and has been painting prolifically for many years.

Amos Ferguson claims to, “Paint by Faith, Not by Sight.” He does not paint what he sees, but what he dreams. Amos's subjects include Biblical scenes, nature motifs, and scenes of Bahamian life, including the festival Junkanoo. His works are bold and bright, charming and uplifting. Amos's use of color speaks of his lush tropical surroundings in the Bahamas.

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