Thursday, October 27, 2011

Old Times in the Out Islands

Interview with Captain Harold Saunders


You were a sailor on the big ships. What happened when somebody got sick on those ships?

Well, we just used skilled remedies. We carried a slop chest with different medicines. If it's local illness, like stomach pains, or any kind of cuts or bruises we get, we have plaster things to fix it up like that with local medicines 'til we get into port.

You know the business of using roots and leaves on this island as medicine. Did you carry these on the ships?

We carried Kill or Cure Bush. We carried it in case we got cut. We'll bathe that and then we'll sprinkle it on -it's just the perfect cure.

What is it?

Kill or Cure Bush. In Nassau they calls it Rooster Comb 'cause it grows like a rooster comb is peaked -that's how it grows-with a white rose. And I believe if it's experimented on, why it'll kill any disease I can cure, or sore, in 48 hours-with that-if I have it to treat myself.

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